Nature and climate

The nature around and in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is situated in Clark County in a desert surrounded by mountains.
The ground is rocky and dusty and the only vegetation in the area is desert vegetation as small cacti and other wild vegetation.
In the city itself is a lot of trees, lawns and greenings, but the city has some serious
water recourse issues, so they are moving to a method called “Xeriscapes” which should reduce their water consumption.

The seasons in Las Vegas

The city lies in a subtropical desert climate and has sun all year.
Las Vegas have around 300 days per year and has around 3.800 sunny hours. The summer months June to September
is very hot and very dry and the temperature can raise to
around 34 to 40o in the middle of the day, and then falls to around 21 to 26o at night. The winter
seasons in Las Vegas is often very short and are also pretty mild, with day temperature of 16o and a night temperature of 4 – 5o.

Here is a schedule of the temperatures year around: