General information about Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an American city, located in the middle of a desert,
in the state Nevada. Las Vegas is known for its many casinos, amazing shows, fine dining and shopping.

Las Vegas’ population

There were around 37 million tourists and other visitors in 2004 and Las Vegas City had 567.641 inhabitants in 2009
and Las Vegas Metropolitan area already had around 2 million inhabitants in 2010.
Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in USA, with 5000 new inhabitants every month.

Lights and electricity

The city’s many adult shows and attractions gave the city the title “Sin City” and since then the city
has been a popular place to record movies and other media.
The city has a lot of outdoor lighting signs and other displays for both casinos, restaurants and other attractions, wich
make the city quite fancy, and gives it an amazing look when its dark. All of the lights and huge attractions give Las Vegas an
enormous electricity consumption. Its electricity consumption is actually around 6 times larger than a big Danish city.