Where does the name “Las Vegas” come from?

The name “Las Vegas” was given by some Spaniards which was on there way north with their horses.
There used to be water in the area, which kept life in some green areas, which the Spaniards used to feed their horses.
These areas are called “Vegas” in Spanish, and that’s where the name “Las Vegas” came from.
John C. Frémont traveled into the Las Vegas Valley the 3rd may. 1844.
He was leading a team of scientist and scouts and was sent by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
The 10 May. 1955. Was 30 Missionaries sent to turn around the Indians way of living, so they built a huge fort in the area,
and that is where Las Vegas downtown is today. As told earlier Las Vegas was a stopover for Spaniards
to rest and feed their animals. This was actually one of the only things that Las Vegas was used for in those years. Later it got
more and more popular as the city got more and more hotels and casinos. This happened from 1905 to around 1950.

The creation of Las Vegas

A railway was made in 1905, and then the city got a lot of new stuff the following years, such as:
it was made legal to gamble, Bugsy Siegels flamingo Hotel and also the main street also known as “the strip” was made.
So it took around 55 years to build the main part of the city, and then we have been expending with attractions since then.

Architecture and buildings

The architecture in Las Vegas is has a quite interesting twist.
In the 1990’s Las Vegas began to have highrise buildings, which changed the city’s skyline a lot.
This style with high buildings and huge casinos spread throughout the hole Valley and created the style that the city has today.

Some of the known architects that’s has designed and created buildings in Las Vegas and other parts of the southern Nevada is:

Jon Jerde
Wayne McAllister
James McDaniel
Antoine Predock
Homer Rissman
Veldon Simpson
Martin Stern, Jr.
Paul Williams (architect)
Gary Guy Wilson
Kerry M. Shahan, AIA
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