In America they have many desserts, and a several ways of cooking them.

Top 5:

5 Cheesecake:

cheesecake was invented in Greece, it was served to athletes in the Olympics games.
Then it came to Europa with the roman troops, and eventually to USA. Recipes vary, but the key ingredient to this dessert is, cheese.
The most common cheeses in the modern version of cheesecake are cream cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta and Neufchatel.
The New York version that's become so famous uses cream cheese along with eggs, cream, sugar and usually a graham cracker crust. While there are a
seemingly unlimited number of variations on this classic, New York style cheesecake is served plain with no other ingredients or toppings.
You can find cheesecakes on most dessert menus in restaurants around the United States,
but sales of frozen cheesecakes are where the big bucks are. Dessert maker Sara Lee is the leading seller
of frozen cheesecake, with sales in 2004 topping $80 million.

4 Jell-o:

There's always room for Jell-O. that's what the dessert's slogan says.
Jell-O is actually a brand name, but it has become synonymous with any kind of gelatin dessert.
It's called "America's Most Famous Dessert" and is very popular with children and retirement homes all over the Unites States.
There's a fun appeal to the jiggling, and it's a colorful classic for the kids. It's easy to make and there's no cleanup required.
Add boiling water to the powdered mix and chill for a few hours, and the kids are happy. It's no wonder it's so popular with moms around the U.S

3 Apple-pie:

Apple pies or tarts date all the way back to Europe in the 14th century.
The first apple pie recipes are from 1390, and they used honey instead of sugar.
In the 1700s, the pie became pretty popular in the United Kingdom and was brought over to the new American colonies.
The apple pie was regularly found in American cookbooks in the 18th century.

2 chocolate cake:

Cake has been around for a long time.
Ancient Egyptians were the first bakers, and their sweetened breads were the foundation for modern cake.
The cake pan was invented in the 17th century, and a couple of hundred-years after that, baking soda and baking powder.
That made the baking process much simpler. Once chocolate was introduced to Europeans by the Spanish, chocolate cake was invented.
the first chocolate cake was baked in 1674, a new delicacy. While it's extremely popular in the United States thanks to its inclusion at
birthday parties, it's also considered the most liked cake in the entire world.

1 ice-cream:

The invention of ice cream isn't certain, but food historians generally credit it to the Chinese and the
flavored ices they enjoyed in 3000 B.C. Marco Polo is the man that brought the idea to Italy,
where the modern ice cream we enjoy today was invented in the 17th century. The first
ice cream recipe in the United States is from the 1792 cookbook "The New Art of Cookery, According to the Present Practice.
" The original flavor was vanilla, and that's still the most popular flavor today -- 29 percent of Americans prefer it.
Only nine percent of Americans prefer the next most popular, chocolate. The year America declared its independents day,
was also the the day that the first ice cream shop opened in new york.