The Bellagio

The Bellagio is one of the number 1 hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.
Its located at The Strip” and is member of “The leading hotels in the world”. It contains 3,933 rooms and resturants.
It was conceived by Steve Wynn and built by he’s company “Mirage Resorts”.
It was designed by DeRuyter Butler and Atlandia Design and had a construction cost of 1,6 billion American dollars.
It opened for the first time the 15. October 1998 with a ceremony, that was around 88 million American dollars worth.
The fountains in front of The Bellagio is a mix between dramatic music, amazing water choreography and beautiful lights.
The water show is visible from various places on The Strip, and often makes people stop up and watch.
The hotel does also contain a conservatory and botanical gardens.
The displays of the hotel are changed five times a year, as the displays shows the theme of the garden (summer, fall, spring, winter
and Chinese new year). The gardens contain beautiful fountains, flowers, bushes and other
vegetation and is open to public all year around.

Some of the most popular games in the Las Vegas casinos are Blackjack and Poker.


Poker is one the most popular games and a game that theres actually championships and other huge competitions in.
Poker is also one of the biggest money machines in the world and if you win a huge competition you have the chance to get around 50 – 60 million
(dollars/euros – depends on where the competition is hosted).
This game is played around a oval green table with a amount of players and a dealer.

In this game the dealer doesn’t have a role in the game, but is the guy who mix and gives the cards.
To start off with the dealer gives all players around the table 2 cards that the player may see.
Then when all player’s have gotten their cards, the dealer places 2 cards on the table facing upwards.

Now the game in this goal is to either have the player’s cards to match the cards on the table in different ways or bluff the other players by make them think you have a match.
Then the turn goes around the table. The players can choose between different options: call, fold, raise and check.
Call is when you put in as many money as the previous person. Fold is when you got bad cards and don’t wanna bet money on them,
so you give the dealer your cards and the player is not in the round anymore.

Check is when the player want the dealer to put the next cards down. If all the players check
(they will after some time) the dealer puts down the next cards. When all cards are down, are there 5 cards on the table.
Raise is used to put in more than the previous person if you got good cards and you want the bet to be higher or you wanna bluff the other players to think you got good cards.
The way it works is that when you raise to a high amount of money so the other players think you have good cards, and will fold.
If everyone else folds you win the money.

Small and big blind:

Small and big blind are 2 chips that are going around the table.
These indicates what the first person has to lay. Fx. The first person gets big blind and the value of the big blind is 10$. Then the next person has to bet 10 $ if he calls.
And same thing with small blind. Small and big blinds value is raising along the game, and the players are forced to bet more and more.


Blackjack is a pretty simple game, but behind the surface of the game is a complicated system that is created to cheat the player and take he’s money.
The way that blackjack works: there is a table with the form of a half circle. The dealer which is the guy who gives the players cards and the players “opponent”.
The dealer stands on the flat side of the table and the players are sitting around the round site.
Then the players bet an amount of money and the dealer gives all the players 1 card which is facing down and himself 1 card facing down, and then again but this the dealers second card is facing up.
In this game the cards values are the same as they show but the ace is 11 and unless your total cards value is above 21, then the ace is 1 and pictured cards are 10.

Then the goal of the game is to get the card value to be the closest one to 21 than the other players and the dealer.
If you hit 21 you get blackjack. If you hit a number above 21 you get busted and lose your money.
Now when all got their cards, the dealer will ask the person to either: Hit, stand, split, insurance or double.
Hit is when you want a card more. Stand is when you don’t want more cards. Split is when you split your cards and creates 2 separate games.

Insurance is when the dealer got an ace, then you can ensure that the dealer won’t get blackjack, but this will cost the half of the persons bet.
And last the double is when you want to double your bet if you think you have a good chance to win.
So that’s basicly how blackjack works. You get cards and you can choose between different options, and then the goal is to hit or get closest to 21/blackjack.