Barbeque :


some etymologists mean barbeque, origins from the Caribbean barbacoa.
The word translate as “sacred fire pit” the word, describes a wooden platform resting on sticks, For cooking meat.
Traditional barbacoa involves digging a hole, in the ground and placing some meat in it.
Then it was covered in Maguey leaves and coal, and set alight the cooking takes a few hours.
There is ample evidence that the word and dish migrated out of the Caribbean and in to many other clotures,
starting in Spain and continued into French and England.
Later the word changed and got a new meaning. People started to cook other kinds of meat in a grill, and it spread all over the world.

NBBQA´s history:

The National Barbecue Association was founded in January 1991.
In 1992, the NBBQA It was incorporated in the State of North Carolina in 1993. In the formation process of the Association,
it was recognized that barbecue is one of the oldest cooking methods known to man.
Learning to control the use of fire by early man around 500,000 B.C.
was a profound event that likely included the roasting of meat for survival, and this gave birth to the beginning of civilization.
Author Steven Raichlen suggests it could have happened as the result of forest fire trapping and roasting buffalo. or venison,
then being discovered by early man, or possibly lightning setting a tree on fire near a hoofed animal, but no one knows for certain.
Archeological evidence indicates that early man was indeed using fire to cook meat by 125,000 BC.

Their mission:

“The Mission” of the National Barbecue Association is to provide the barbecue community with a visionary, beneficial, and responsive association.
NBBQA'S goals are to promote the art and enjoyment of barbecue, facilitate the effective networking of industry resources and to foster new business opportunities.


once a year the national barbeque Association hold a barbeque conference in different city´s the first of the conferences was in Hacienda hotel Las Vegas 1992 .


there is many styles of barbeque in different country.
British: In British usage the meat get a fast cooking over high heat, known as broiling in USA and Canada.
English: in English usage are there two types of cooking, grilling which is like British barbeque. Then there is English barbeque where you cook the meat slow, in indirect heat (sometimes and hot smoke)